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Shore Move Managers LLC
Estate Closeouts

Estate Services

Estate Beneficiaries, Executors, Trustees & Attorneys

·  Asset Identification and Itemization
·  Communication with Family Members for Dispersal of Assets
·  Management of Distributing and/or Selling Items / Donating Items
·  Estate Sale Execution
·  Sorting and Packing Prior to a Clean out
·   Estate Clean outs 
·  Solicit Bids from Contractors and Oversee Home Repairs/Maintenance/

   Cleaning/Staging Needs for Sale of Home

·  Sell Home  - Licensed NJ Realtor - Patrick Parker Realty 

We Can Help

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is often more than enough to bare. You do not need to manage closing out an estate on your own. There is help out there for beneficiaries, executors, trustees and attorneys.   

Shore Move Managers LLC will see the process all the way through with you and can take on whatever portions of the estate closeout you need help with.